Kitchen utensils

I have just had another accident with the breadknife. That makes 3 serious accidents involving kitchen utensils and my fingers in the last couple of months. I'm not sure what it is that I am doing differently from usual, or why I have suddenly gotten so clumsy just after we got all these new sharp knives and graters, but it really has to stop.

On the plus side, I didn't faint this time – probably as a result of the regular exposure to my own blood. Now I am able to remain upright and yell for Shaun to come and do the first aid. I am aware that once the injury is sustained, it is best that I don't look at it until it is properly healed. It's a coping mechanism.

Today I was cutting some bread with the bread knife when I put it through the end of my middle finger. Last time it was my index finger, and the time before it was my thumb – although that was the grater, not the knife.

Maybe I should get some chain-mail gloves. 


8 thoughts on “Kitchen utensils

  1. Bread comes pre-sliced too you know 😉

    Quick tip to keep from cutting yourself: Curl your fingers into your hand, then place your hand on top of the item you’re cutting. Position the knife next to your knuckles. And don’t be emo.

    Or do what I do and use dull knives 😦

  2. It’s when I’m halving paninis that it happens. They don’t come pre-halved.

    I used to only use dull knives but they were all stolen in the burglary – all the replacements are new!

    I’ll remember your tip next time though.

    If I get a knuckle injury that stops me boxing I’m gonna be pissed with you though…

  3. If I get a knuckle injury that stops me boxing I’m gonna be pissed with you though…

    If you get a knuckle injury doing what I told you, you shouldn’t use anything other than plastic knives :p

  4. I did the same thing when I was architecture school. I was cutting a drawing with a scalpel. They grafted skin from my forearm onto the end of my thumb.

  5. I have never meet someone more accident prone than Sarah.. I don’t know why I’m still surprised when she tells me she’s cut something/blistered/fallen out or off something/asks for a lift to the doctors/been told a story of when she cut/twisted/broke “insert body part here” etc.. I’m just lucky that it doesn’t rub off on people near her..

  6. I hear ya! I’m not allowed to cut bagels anymore because of the numerous severe injuries I’ve impailed on my poor fingers.

    But yea, you seem to be quite accident prone dear. It’s not funny but I’m over here smiling and shaking my head. 😀

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