I’m a machine

There is something to be said for taking it easy in the weekend. For the first time in as long as I remember, I took Shaun’s advice when he said it was time to go home on Friday night. As a result, I was in bed by not long after midnight, and I woke up on Saturday morning feeling great. I was then able to behave in an incredibly self-riteous way to all my friends when they called up feeling sorry for themselves.

Due to the fact that we were at the party in Hamilton on Saturday night, I had another night of being in bed around midnight. Unheard of.

The upshot of all this good behaviour was that I had an incredibly productive weekend. I wrote an entire website (pretty much) and am pretty stoked with the work. Shaun did tonnes of yard work and we finally got around to ordering our wedding present from my parents, which is a huge mirror to hang in our hallway. We were supposed to do that about a year ago…

I guess the biggest irony of my weekend was that the site I have finished is for Suite, and it is due to the fact that I only spent 1 hour there, rather than the average 18 per weekend, that I got it done!

There really is something to be said to being good!


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