A mixed bag

'Hard-core' is a euphemism. Today's boxing class should have been called 'Pound-the-life-out-of-you-and-then-make-you-do-pressups'. It was an absolute killer. Thankfully tomorrow is the weekend, because I suspect when I wake up I am not going to be able to move my arms. I spent the last hour beating the crap out of a pretend person who's head was significantly above my shoulder height. I have actually boxed all the skin off my knuckle, and that was through wraps and gloves!

So I loved it, and I've booked back in for Monday.

Speaking of the weekend though, this one is going to be funny. Tomorrow night we are going to a house-warming party down the line, and it's dress-up. The theme is 'Old Fashioned'. I have one of those great mothers that keeps old clothes in the attic for just this kind of occasion. I went through them all and found her best dress from 1982. It is a fantastic little charcoal and silver silk number with a red belt. It looks like a cross between something off Startrek and Desperately Seeking Susan (yup – I grew up in the 80's). It has big epaulettes and pearl buttons. It's going to be a laugh.

That's if I can lift my arms high enough to get a drink to my mouth. 


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