Million dollar baby

More like 5 dollar baby, to be fair.

I have taken up boxing. Not to fight – I hate fighting, I'm just doing it for the training. I started this morning. It was FANTASTIC. I was instantly addicted (mind you, that's not surprising – I get instantly addicted to many things). It was a really hard workout. That is one of the reasons I love it. As an exercise freak, I am constantly looking for a new way to get that endorphin high. When you do the same gym routine week in and week out, you tend to get a bit complacent, so anything new is welcomed. By the end of the session I could hardly lift my gloves above my head. Just as well I wasn't in the ring. It would have been a KO.

Training consists of bag work (power and speed), ab & core work and jogging & skipping. I was fine with everything except speed work. You have to whack one of those little bags stuck to the ceiling, as fast as you can. I couldn't even hit it slowly! It just kept alluding me. It's a coordination thing, and coordination isn't really one of my strengths. On the plus side, it got me so frustrated that there was definite power in my 3 punch combos!

Today's session was cross-training. Tomorrow is hard-core. Can't wait.


2 thoughts on “Million dollar baby

  1. Hey girl.. Haven’t had time to read up on the last couple posts you made, but I just wanted to make sure you were ok.
    Heard there was a major quake in NZ recently (the weekend maybe?). I only heard a second of the news report, but I wanted to check on ya.

    Since you’re posting, I assume all is well. Hope no one was affected.


  2. Hey Joy – thanks for caring babe.
    It’s nice to have someone on the other side of the world thinking of you…!

    Yup, I’m fine. We get pretty badly hit by quakes in most of NZ, but Auckland never gets them. We’re not on the fault line thankfully, so all is well in my world.

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