You’re not being fair

A couple of years ago a bad thing happened. I work for a large corporation. My husband used to work here as well. We were in completely different areas of the business – I am in IT, he was in sales. We had nothing to do with each other, and that was good.

Then he got offered a job with a competitor. He told our employer but they wouldn't match it. The decision was a difficult one, but in the end it made financial sense to leave. Almost immediately there was fallout. Because Shaun was one of the highest achieving sales people, there was some bitterness when he left. Some people handled it well, others didn't. Unfortunately, those that didn't wanted to punish him, and the best way to do that was through me.

People started accusing me of stealing information and giving it to Shaun and his colleagues. It was a ridiculous accusation to those that know us. We have a rule at home about not even discussing business. I am fiercely loyal to my employees and always have been.

They tried to fire me for a conflict of interest. It got completely out of control. I wanted to know what it was that I was being accused of but they wouldn't tell me. They just kept saying there was a 'perception'. I wanted them to conduct an investigation to prove that I had done nothing wrong, but they refused. They took another tack. They started smashing up competitors equipment in the atrium. They declared a war against them and there were posters up all over the building. I was systematically stripped of parts of my job and told to lie about the others.

It was at that stage that my seizures started…

Anyway, I thought about leaving but decided that it would be an admission of guilt. I knew that the moment I left, the people that had been persecuting me would spread rumours and that would make it difficult for me to get another job in the industry. I have been with this company 10 years, so financially I stood to lose a lot if I left before my anniversary. Plus, I love my work. Leaving wasn't an option.

After a few months things got better. People found something else to talk about. Aside from a few people that still let doors go in my face, life was getting back to normal.

Then I got married.

All of a sudden the old issues started re-emerging. I guess changing my name reminded people. I was stripped of the last system that I was administrator of (which is actually a good thing – now I only do development, no crappy support stuff, but that's beside the point). An email block has gone in so that we are not allowed to email the company that my husband works for. Annoying.

I feel persecuted for something I am innocent of. It is a horrible feeling to have your integrity questioned.


4 thoughts on “You’re not being fair

  1. It’s not something I talk about much. There are more important things to dwell on. Sometimes though, I just need to offload, and this is the perfect place!

  2. You need to talk to someone at work about this. Preferably the biggest boss in the company. Then talk to your lawyer. I’d really think about leaving then suing them for constructive dismissal. This is an unacceptable situation to be in. Maybe now is the time to leave anyway and devote all your energies to your own business. Or get a job with Shaun’s company 🙂

  3. Oh – believe me, that is not an option!! This is coming right from the top. There is no further up to go unfortunately!! The fact that this is a huge company means that they tend to behave as they like. I am not able to discuss the legal side of things here, but I appreciate your advice.

    Shaun and I have made a pact never to work for the same company again. They have offered me a job numerous times, but I won’t go. I’ve learned from our mistakes!

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