What’s red and sticky?

Yup – another moan about bureaucratic red tape.
Am I moaning too much lately??
Does that kind of too have 2 o’s?

I am waiting on my American Express and my passport. I applied for both 6 weeks ago. The Amex is completely their fault – the passport goes both ways.

I have a platinum Amex (which clearly isn’t funded solely by my developer’s salary). They promise that they’ll give you the best service you can possibly imagine, anywhere. They say that if your washing machine breaks down, don’t call a repair man, call Amex. They’ll sort it out. (I’m not allowed to touch our washing machine so I’ve never put this to the test). You’d think then, that if you needed a new card because your name had changed, that it would be a simple procedure.

I have now called 4 seperate times and spoken to 3 seperate people. Each time they promise they will sort it out right away. It would seem that they were lying. The guy I spoke to today said there was no record in the system of my application, although somehow he seemed to know what my new name was, so I suspect he was lying.

The passport is more annoying. I sent in my application. They sent it back saying that they couldn’t process it until I sent in my old passport. Fair enough. I sent it back. Then they sent the application back again saying that they don’t believe my father’s name is Hawk Hawk. Fair enough. It’s not. But couldn’t they have told me that at the same time that they sent back the first denial?

I am going to Sydney in a couple of weeks. I am supposed to fly out on the 28th. According to the passport office, my 10 working days starts today. If I factor in Easter, weekends and posting time, I should get it on the 27th. That just sounds dodgy. And kinda funny I guess. Talk about cutting it fine! I hope there isn’t a mail strike.

Oh well, I guess I’ll fall on my feet. I always do.


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