It’s just not natural.

I was having a debate (admittedly, a drunken one) with a friend in the weekend about single-sex vs co-ed schools. She went to the former, and I, the latter.

We both only really had one point each to argue. Hers was that single-sex schools generally get better academic results. That is a fact that can't be refuted. Mine was that it just isn't natural. It is a false environment. I believe that school is about a whole lot more than academics.

I finished school at 17 and left home to go to university in another city. I stayed in a hostel for my first year. You could go out for an evening with a group of people and pretty accurately stand there and pick which of them went to single sex schools. They went absolutely crazy. They didn't know how to behave. They hadn't been integrated into a social environment like those of us from co-ed schools.

I'm not sure what the point of this post is really. I guess it's been on my mind. Maybe I felt as if she was implying my inferiority in some way (which I know she wasn't doing deliberately as we both know that I blitzed her in bursary). There it is I guess. The fact that I made that last comment implies that I feel I have something to be defensive about!

The debate didn't really go anywhere. I think it ended when I told her that maybe we could bring in single-sex workplaces too, if it's such a good idea.

Or is it something people would prefer to inflict only on their children?


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