The sun’s back out.

I guess yesterday’s post has helped me get things into perspective. I often go on about not moaning, and of stopping to think how much worse things could be – but sometimes there really is nothing like a good blowout.

And now I’m good.

I had a work binge and got everything finished. I churned out pages and pages of stuff for my biggest new client and they loved it, so now I feel like skiting. I guess I also feel pretty relieved.

It will go off to the printers this afternoon and I’ll see it posted all around the city next week. That is going to feel GREAT. And I feel about 20 kgs lighter now I’ve thrown that monkey off my back.

Now I have to tackle Visual Studio 2005 and Master Pages. Why is it that something that has been created to make life easier can be so damn difficult at times?

Still – that’s life. And I love it.


2 thoughts on “The sun’s back out.

  1. Glad you got it all sorted. Congratulations. Can we see an example of what’s going to be shown around the city?

  2. Glad you are feeling better – I sympathize with doing too much at once! But I admire your attitude about it. That’s kinda how I am. I’m the last person to complain about anything.. But there are times when it builds up, I have a minor freak out (mine usually consists of crying for about 15-20 min), then I’m back down to earth and ready to go!
    We’re too alike!

    But I’m glad you are ok and the project sounds fantastic. I would love to see your work, you’ll have to post some here if you get time. 🙂


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