You’re a star.

Today is my mum’s birthday. She is 59 and she is one of my best friends.

As a general rule I never think about ageing. It is something that happens to everyone, and as long as you are enjoying your life, it shouldn’t really matter. But lately I have noticed changes in my parents and it worries me a bit. They forget things more than they used to. They go on about the same things over and over. They still look young to me, but then so did my 22 year old cat just before it died. It had lost most of it’s coat and could hardly walk. I think my vision was somewhat rose tinted.

Anyway, my mother still works up to 80 hours a week. It is ridiculous. She can’t say no to anyone. She is very highly sought after in her field, so rather than slowing down and approaching retirement, she is working harder than ever. I am proud of her, but some days I just want to tell her that she is being silly.

Anyway, the purpose of this post was not to moan about my mother’s bad habits, it was to say that she is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She is caring, generous, intelligent, driven and non-judgemental.

Mum once asked me if there is anything I will do differently to her when I am a mother. I was able to look her in the eye and honestly say no. She is the perfect mother.

Happy birthday Mama – you’re a star.


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