How quickly we forget.

Well, our bodies anyway.

I went back to the gym today and bloody hell it hurt. After almost 3 weeks of virtually no exercise (unless you count eating and drinking as exercise) my body had reached a stage of perpetual laziness. To be fair, we did do heaps of walking and swimming as well as go for the odd bike ride, but I had done no weight bearing exercise since the day before the wedding.

Going from exercising 5 or 6 days a week to doing absolutely nothing was starting to take it’s toll. On my mind if not my body. I haven’t really had sore muscles for over a decade (except for the occasional day when I work to hard on my thighs) so I suspect tomorrow is going to be interesting.

The other thing I have noticed is that it is coming to the end of summer. I really think autumn has hit NZ. When I left the country it was still light at 6am, and relatively warm. This morning I got up in total darkness and the thermometer in my car read 14 degrees. Yuk.

Oh well, there’s good things about winter too.


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