I am terrible with surprises!

I was one of those kids that started searching the house about a month before Christmas to find presents. It is worse than that though… when I found them I would open them to see what they were, and then wrap them back up. I couldn’t stand not knowing! It made Christmas day a bit less exciting though… there were no surprises.

One day I told my mother. She started hiding the presents more carefully. I berated myself for years.

One time Shaun organised a surprise trip to Fiji for my birthday. Unfortunately I searched our room and found out about it ahead of time. Then I had to pretend that I didn’t know. I felt like such a traitor – especially when I pretended to be surprised when he gave it to me.

My honeymoon destination is a surprise. Shaun has organised it all and I have no idea where it is. I know I am going away for 14 nights to somewhere hot. I have to pack bikinis and books. And I need my passport. I have known where the paperwork has been hidden for a couple of months now, but I decided to test my self control and not spoil this surprise for myself. I have been SO controlled. When the house got burgled, it also got flooded. They tipped out all our drawers and everything that didn’t get taken was floating around. The travel documents floated out into the hallway and I hung them out to dry without even looking at them. I was so proud of myself!!

Anyway, it’s all paid off. I am heading to the airport in the morning with no idea of my destination.

Hopefully there will be a computer so I can keep you updated – otherwise I’ll be back in 2 weeks. I’ll be thinking of you all as I drink cocktails on my lounger in the sun…


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