Bombed out.

Today we did a tour of Bali. I saw some amazing things. One thing I didn’t see though, is the one thing that Bali needs most. Tourists. I was last here 2 years ago and you couldn’t move here for all the Australians. After farming, tourism is the biggest source of income for this island. Thanks to terrorism it is slowly falling apart.

When I was here in 2003, the first bombing had occurred, but not the second. After the first, people stayed away for a couple of months, but then the ‘lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice’ philosophy came into play and the tourists swarmed back. When the lightning did re-strike, that was it for Bali. No third chances.

The streets feel empty. There is part of me that loves being able to move around without that constant Aussie twang in the air, but there is something about it that is not quite right. Shops are closing, old favourite bars are empty… even some of the spirit seems to have seeped out of the place.

You can’t get a meal in this town without first having your vehicle searched by security guards. There are signs everywhere threatening body searches. I’ve always sworn that I don’t hate anyone, but I have to tell you – I have some pretty strong feelings of dislike towards terrorists.

This world belongs to all of us. Have some respect.

$1 beers. Too good to be true!!!

I have spent all day today sitting by the pool drinking beers that cost $1. Unbelievable. I would move here if beer didn’t make you fat…!!!

Yesterday was spent shopping. The prices of everything here are phenomenal. I am having some boots made for $200. You can’t get good sandals at home for that! I love Bali…

Tomorrow we are going on a tour of some local sights. I am hoping to hold a monkey. I have always wanted to have a pet monkey. It’s illegal in NZ. In fact, there aren’t monkeys anyway. I saw one in town yesterday but it was on a chain. When I approached it, it gnashed it’s teeth at me. It’s fair to say, I didn’t feel like picking it up after that…

I think the highlight of the trip so far is the ridiculous suit I bought for a friend’s dog. I know in some countries it’s cool to dress your dogs in clothes, but in NZ it’s just a joke. So I can’t wait to see Jezza’s face when I dress his dog up in it’s new Bintang singlet. I suspect that only one of us will find it funny.

Anyway – I’ve got holidaying to do. Hope all is well in the working world!

Honeymoon in paradise…

Well, I’m in beautiful Bali.

It’s not true what they say about men not listening. Bali is my favourite holiday place in the world (well, of the ones I’ve been to) and I guess Shaun listened, because we’re here for 14 nights.

We are staying in the most amazing resort on the beach in Seminyak. It is 30 degrees already, and it’s only breakfast time!!

I have just stuffed myself with tropical fruit and now we are going to hit the shops. Then maybe cocktails by the pool.

This is the life…

From Suite to sour

Things aren’t so Suite anymore.

Dave’s business partner has decided that he is going to sell up. He has changed the locks. It is breaking Dave’s heart. He has poured his soul into that place. He has spent every waking second in there and it was just starting to go really well.

Have you ever felt like you hate someone you don’t even know? That’s how I feel right now. I know it won’t achieve anything except to make myself bitter, but someone is hurting someone I love, and that’s just not ok.

To make things worse, we fly out in an hour. I can’t wait for the holiday, but I feel sick that I won’t be here to support one of the people I love more than anyone else in the world. This was his big break. It’s going to take some recovering from.

I love you Dave and I’m so proud of you.


I am terrible with surprises!

I was one of those kids that started searching the house about a month before Christmas to find presents. It is worse than that though… when I found them I would open them to see what they were, and then wrap them back up. I couldn’t stand not knowing! It made Christmas day a bit less exciting though… there were no surprises.

One day I told my mother. She started hiding the presents more carefully. I berated myself for years.

One time Shaun organised a surprise trip to Fiji for my birthday. Unfortunately I searched our room and found out about it ahead of time. Then I had to pretend that I didn’t know. I felt like such a traitor – especially when I pretended to be surprised when he gave it to me.

My honeymoon destination is a surprise. Shaun has organised it all and I have no idea where it is. I know I am going away for 14 nights to somewhere hot. I have to pack bikinis and books. And I need my passport. I have known where the paperwork has been hidden for a couple of months now, but I decided to test my self control and not spoil this surprise for myself. I have been SO controlled. When the house got burgled, it also got flooded. They tipped out all our drawers and everything that didn’t get taken was floating around. The travel documents floated out into the hallway and I hung them out to dry without even looking at them. I was so proud of myself!!

Anyway, it’s all paid off. I am heading to the airport in the morning with no idea of my destination.

Hopefully there will be a computer so I can keep you updated – otherwise I’ll be back in 2 weeks. I’ll be thinking of you all as I drink cocktails on my lounger in the sun…

Done and dusted.

So after a year of planning, the wedding is finally over.

It was without a doubt, the best day of my life.

There were so many people around, and they were all full of excitement and energy. I was just about bursting with excitement myself. Everything went without a hitch. There was one nervous moment – I let the boys decorate the cars. They wrapped the ribbon around the number plates and then duct taped it to the side of the roofs. They were Bentleys and Porshes. Not cunning. I was able to rectify the situation without too much trouble though. Boys sure are stupid sometimes.

The ceremony was amazing. Everyone cried and laughed throughout the whole thing. I couldn’t have asked for more.

So lots of wine, lots of laughs and some diamonds later, I’m now Sarah Hawk Taylor.

Now that I’m married I can really let myself go. Life is beautiful…

One More Sleep

I think the title is pretty self explanatory!

I’d love to write more but I have a busy day of present opening, lunching, manicures and rehearsals.

I can pretty much guarentee that I won’t be writing tomorrow.

So, until Monday…

It’s almost time…

It’s wedding time… I’m on holiday for 3 weeks now!

The weather forecast is for perfect 25 degree days from now until next week. Couldn’t ask for more really…

People have started arriving from around the world. It’s very exciting. We are sticking around for a few days between the wedding and the honeymoon to catch up with them all. It seems rude not to spend time with someone that has spent 2 days on a plane and thousands of dollars to get here especially for us.

I am off to have some kind of 2 hour body wrap (guarenteed to make my skin glow) shortly. Then I’m going to lunch down at the Viaduct in the sun. I could get used to this…

Mary arrived last night. It’s cool to have someone to share the excitement with (aside from Shaun of course). We’ve just been for a walk in the park. Shaun wasn’t too keen for that – esp since it was only 6:30am. Fair enough – he needs all the beauty sleep he can get!!!

That’s it anyway – I’m too excited to be in front of the PC. And it’d be a shame to waste all this good weather!

I’m tangled in red tape.


Who would have thought that changing your name would be such a pain in the arse? I knew there was going to be a form to fill in. I was cool with that. I had a cunning plan. I was going to make the change this week before I got married so that I could apply for new bank cards that would be ready when I get back from the honeymoon.

I got the form and filled it in. I got it witnessed. I was about to take it in when I realised that if I changed it now, I would be travelling on an illegal passport. It is still under my old name.

That’s cool. I got an application for a new passport. I figured that if I went and got the name change done, I could courier the passport application away and pay the urgent fee and it would all be done in time to fly out. Then I found out that it takes 15 days to change your name. How annoying.

So I figured I’d have to do it when I get back. That kind of makes sense anyway.

But then I called the bank to find out what I need to do to get my cards re-issued. I need to take in proof of the name change. Fair enough. Then I apply for the new card and in 10 days it will be ready. In the mean time I can’t use the old card. Great. No card for 10 days. Exactly what I was trying to avoid.

This morning I figured I’d be proactive and get my business cards reprinted while I’m away. Then I figured I’d go through my wallet and see what else I need to change. There is 30 years worth of changing in there.

Then there are all my email subscriptions. And my user names. There are going to be a lot of emails that just get lost in cyberspace.

Still, millions have done it before me…

Stop using your head.

I am not someone that has ever really put much stock in Valentines Day. In fact, several bad things have happened to me on it in the past. I was once dumped by someone on Valentine’s afternoon. Ouch. What was he thinking? Surely he could have waited until the next morning.

And another time I was getting ready to go to a movie with a guy I had just met, when a long term kind-of boyfriend showed up to declare his love for me. He had 2 dozen red roses. While he was making his declaration, the movie guy pulled up in his convertible, looking very cool. There were tears. His and mine.

So anyway, because of the significance of this day, I have been giving some thought to what it is that makes some people more special to me than others. There are people that I love regardless of how they behave. That will never change. But the rest of the world I get to choose from.

What I think makes a person special is the ability to speak from the heart. Anyone can speak from the head. We do it every day in business. It is much harder to talk about how you feel, to speak honestly, to articulate your thoughts.

To speak from the heart you need to have the confidence that what you have to say is valid. That is is important to you and therefore of worth. Too many people over-think and end up saying things that weren’t what they meant at all. If they had’ve said what came into their heart before their head it may have been a truer reflection of who they are. That is what makes a person genuine.

I’m not saying that thinking before you speak is a bad thing – I guess I’m saying that if you want someone to love you for who you are, you have to let them see who that is.

That’s what I love in a person.