It makes me wet…

What is it about rain that makes people crazy in this country? After one of the driest Dec/Jans I remember, yesterday it started BUCKETING down. While I know that it’s all good for the gardens (and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I need all the gardening assistance I can get), it certainly seems to have adverse effects on people once they get behind the wheel.

Somehow the rain seems to affect people’s ability to think. Apparently it breaks their indicators and affects their judgement of distance. What it doesn’t seem to break is their horns. What astounds me is people who drive around with their air conditioning off, so that their windows end up looking like they are frosted. How do they justify the safety of that? My patience was tried at lunchtime yesterday when I spent 45 minutes getting from Newmarket to Ponsonby – normally a 5 minute drive. When I finally got there, I discovered that my skirt was shut in my door. Bugger.

The rain also seems to turn our normally lovable cats into absolute pains in the neck. They go outside for just long enough to get their coats really wet, and then they come in and sit on the furniture. It is because they love being dried with a towel. So I dry them just in time to watch them head back out for another dousing.

It was during one of these wetting sessions this morning that Julio caught a bird. That in itself is pretty unusual – he is not the bird catcher of the two – but what was really ridiculous was that he didn’t kill it. He brought it inside and let it go in the house while he sat around on all the furniture, wetting it. The bird did it’s fair share of wetting as well. Actually – more than wetting. It proceeded to empty the entire contents of itself all around the spare bedroom. Nice.

Anyway, enough moaning. The sun’ll come out tomorrow.


One thought on “It makes me wet…

  1. People ALWAYS forget how to drive when it rains, it’s so annoying.

    So sorry to hear Julio was being naughty, but it was so funny to read! Sounds like something one of my cats would do. hahaaha..

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