Drowning in blood.

A strange thing has been happening to me this year… it involves blood. Lots of it. And my nose.

I used to get blood noses when I was younger. My nose has taken a bashing over the course of my life. It has been broken numerous times. Sometimes as a result of sporting accidents, sometimes due to drunken antics, and occasionally caused by freak accidents (like when I was hit in the face by a roofing tile that was caught by a gust of wind while being thrown from a building site). It’s all true.

Anyway, after more of these accidents than I remember (it was getting pretty easy to break), I had my nose reset. This involved one of the most disgusting procedures I have been forced to endure – your nose is rebroken, and you can hear it all inside your head. As a result of this, I have a super-strong nose that has caused me no problems for the last 10 years.

Until January 2nd.

I woke up early in the morning and someone else’s beach house. I thought my nose was running. I hadn’t woken up properly, so I ignored it for a while. That was a mistake. When I finally decided to get up, I noticed that the entire top half of the bed was covered in blood. OK – slight exaggeration, but there was a lot of blood. It is never a good look when you have to carry blood soaked sheets out of your room at someone else’s place.

I didn’t think much more about it until the following week, when I was sitting on the deck at work and history repeated itself. Ironically, for about the first time ever, I was dressed entirely in pink. Luckily, (probably due to the fact that I was awake this time), I was onto the problem pretty quickly.

Annoyingly, when it happened yesterday, I was again in bed. It was first thing in the morning again and I was sleeping on my back. I was having this dream that I was drowning. It really felt like I was suffocating. That’s because I was. In blood. When I realised, I ran to the bathroom dripping everywhere. It looked like something had been slaughtered in the house when we turned the lights on.

I don’t know what’s happening, but I hope it stops soon. It would be just my luck to have the nose bleed of all nose bleeds while I’m walking down the aisle in white!!


9 thoughts on “Drowning in blood.

  1. This happened to me and I ended up spending three days in hospital. The blood vessels in my nose kept breaking because they were too thin or something. I had to get them cauterised but that didn’t work so they stuffed/rammed wads of padding up my nose and gave me valium for three days to keep my blood pressure down.

    Maybe you want to see the doctor?

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