It’s looking pretty Suite…

My brother is the proud (part) owner of a new bar. It’s very exciting. He has been managing bars ever since he graduated with his law degree (go figure), but now he finally has his own.

It is called Suite. I have done the rebranding. I am looking forward to seeing my work up in lights (so to speak). This is what I’ve created.


It is at the bottom of Hobson Street in the city. It is a multi tasking venture. They will sell coffee to the corporate crowd in the morning, serve soup and salads at lunchtime, and then they become a full blown cocktail club and lounge in the evening. The place doesn’t close until 5am each morning. It’s a big call… but it’s going to be fantastic.

We spent the weekend repainting. Dave wants a “rich, opulent” look – in keeping with a flash hotel suite. I put my long redundant interior architecture skills to use and worked out a new colour scheme. It’s full of red and aubergine now. It looks amazing when the lights are down.

The best thing about Suite is that it is within walking distance from my office. I envisage a lot of Friday nights down there in the near future.

Can’t wait.


3 thoughts on “It’s looking pretty Suite…

  1. You had a good day then? I hope your interior design and rebranding skills are better than your sub-editing ones ; “It’s looking pretty Suite” – good grief!

    To be fair though, red and aubergine should work well so how about some interior pics?

    Good luck to Dave and have a great opening night.

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