White stains…

Yup, you got it. White stains. Everywhere. All over the furniture. In every room. Little disgusting splatter marks.

I accused Shaun.

I wanted to know what he had been doing in the lounge, while I was out. And in the bedroom. Even in the spare room and the study.

But the white stains that bother me the most are the ones on my keyboard.

As it turns out, the accusations were false. I have found the culprits. The cats. And it’s not what you probably think (thankfully). They have cat colds. Actually, cat flu. They caught it at the cattery while we were on holiday. They are sneezing like the world is ending. For some reason, when a cat sneezes, it throws it’s head around in a 180 degree arc – not quite like in The Exorcist, but close. And obviously, not having hands to cover their mouths with, cats spray revolting cat spit in an even bigger arc. It lands on everything.

Yesterday some landed in my eye. It was so revolting. I went into the bathroom and blasted my eye with the high pressure shower. Perhaps not the most cunning of ideas, but the thought of cat spit in my eye was nauseating.

Anyway, the cat spit is leaving marks on the furniture. It is not a good look. I have decided to let their flu run it’s course and then have everything cleaned.

Otherwise Shaun is going to start getting a bad name around town.

Well, someone is.


3 thoughts on “White stains…

  1. We used to have a Blue Burmese cat that did this called Bram. We ended up making him stay outside because he used to spray green snot which was kind of sickening to see. As you say, it’s like they try and spread it around the biggest possible surface area by swinging their head. He used to sit on the window ledge outside our kitchen so we could see him when we sat at the kitchen table eating dinner. It was a long time ago but one of my friends still talks about being unable to eat food at our house because of it.

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