Ive got blisters on my fingers…

…from hitting F5 and pushing redial – all in the name of music.

Next year on St Patricks Day, U2 are coming to town. I like a huge variety of musical genres, but U2 are pretty up there when it comes to bands. They concreted their place on my bands-that-I-love list when they released One Tree Hill. I live at the bottom of One Tree Hill. It is a place that no matter how many times I leave, I come back because it’s home. I cried when they cut down the tree. In fact, I have it tattood on my right hip.

Anyway, back to my fingers. Tickets went on sale at 9am today. There were 40,000 of them and they sold out in an hour and a half. I sat refreshing the ticket site and redialing the hotline until my fingers pretty much bled. And to no avail. I am ticketless. I am gutted. Not because I care all that much about missing the concert, but because I did everything I could and still missed out.

Now they have announced a second concert. Tickets go on sale on Monday. Hopefully I’ll have scabs by then.

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One thought on “Ive got blisters on my fingers…

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