Drunk in charge.

Of a computer that is.

On Thursday night I had a complete shocker. After (more than) a few drinks, I decided to load a couple of new CDs onto my iPod. In hindsight, it was doomed to fail from the start, but at the time it seemed like a fantastic idea. The reason I was in such a hurry to do the job was because I was heading down the country on Friday afternoon, and driving between radio frequencies can get frustrating, so an iPod is the perfect solution. Or would have been.

So I rip the CD to the PC. No problem. But for some reason, instead of waiting for the ripping to finish, I plug the iPod in as well. Then my computer starts racing itself. It tries to put the songs onto the iPod faster than they are going onto the hard drive. At least that’s what seemed to be happening. At first I thought it was funny. But then the iPod ran out of charge. That seemed pretty funny as well. I disconnected it and plugged it into the wall. That is when I noticed that it had no music on it any more. It used to have almost 5,000 songs. Whoops.

I wasn’t too concerned – they are still on my computer. I didn’t have time to load them back on though, so I had to do without for the weekend. So now I am sober and figure I’ll have another go at reloading the songs. I made it through the turning on the computer stage, and then things started going downhill… I get an Error. Not a helpful, descriptive error, just an Error.

 I am starting to lose patience… I write software for a living so I find it incredibly frustrating when I get an error message that just says Error. Great. That’s helpful. Bloody helpful. About as helpful as putting my fist through the monitor. That is what is going to happen next.

So how I have no music on my iPod, and an Error. I have had a weekend of very little sleep, and my patience is wearing thin. I think I might go for a run. I can always put my fist through the monitor later.


2 thoughts on “Drunk in charge.

  1. So where’s the error? On the PC or on the iPod?

    If it’s the latter you can reset it by plugging it in the mains, toggle the lock switch on and off then hold down the Select and Menu buttons at the same time until you see the Apple logo.

    Hope you sort it. I’d be lost without my iPod; especially when walking the dog.

  2. It would seem that the problem has to do with power. Uploading songs seems to take more power than just listening to them, so in attempting to upload all 5k songs at once, the battery dies. That causes and error which seems to void all the songs that had already gone across.

    I will try and manually upload the songs in chunks once I get time in the weekend.

    Annoying. Still… worse things are happening in the world.

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