Running like the wind.

Or like a light breeze at least. I’m doing the Auckland Half Marathon on Sunday. Hmmmmm….

 It wouldn’t be such a bad thing under normal circumstances. I did one a few years back and it was fine. I came in under my goal of 1hr 45 mins.

This time is different though. I have done no training. None at all. I’m really only doing it because I want to run over the harbour bridge!

Some might say I’m stupid. And they’d be right.

That’s all I have to say about that. More on Sunday (if I make it).


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2 thoughts on “Running like the wind.

  1. If I were you, I’d run with a backpack. This would make viewers intrigued, and wondering “Wow, she’s running with a backpack, she must be really good”. Run as you’d normally do, over the harbour bridge. And then, once you’re done, open your backpack, get the roller skates out and show the world how fast a Hawk can go!

    Now that’s world news material.

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