A good vibe…

Not quite as exciting as it may sound at first glance, but hang in there. You’ll never look back! I’m talking about Vibra-Train. This thing rocks!! (Well, kinda shakes really).

You go out and have one too many… you wake up at the normal time and realise there is no way in hell that you’re going to make it to the 6:15 pump class. You know that you’re going to spend the day feeling like crap, and there is nothing better than an exercise session to allay some of that guilt. Vibra-Train. 15 minutes of standing on a platform having the crap vibrated out of you. Don’t be fooled – it hurts, but it’s quick.

And it fixes everything. It shakes away your cellulite, the excess calories you crammed in yesterday, it even vibrates away your osteoporosis! It’s magic. I wish I thought of it.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I’m a convert. I now spend 45 minutes doing the most ridiculous poses on the thing. They even have great names. The ‘3 minute superman’ is one of my personal favourites.

And I promise you, it works! I’m shrinking before my own eyes.

Give it a go. After all, if it vibrates it’s gotta be good…


8 thoughts on “A good vibe…

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  2. Ah – Lloyd. I wondered how long it would take you to find this.

    Yup, I’ve been using your new machine since it was installed in town. Months now!

    Jarred has got me doing some pretty interesting poses these days.

  3. Whats the review so far. I have still been tinkering with the design before we gio into full production. Compared to the European versions that is ?

  4. I love it. I don’t use the others now. Being able to run a full 3 minutes without breaks is good, esp for superman. The new handles are great also – I love not needing to use the gloves. I also like being able to alternate between physio and sports mode depending on which position I am doing. You need to make sure it is far enough away from the wall though in order to do bicep curls.

  5. Hi,
    I am concerned about the effects of vibratrain on the heart and internal organs. I have developed palpitations since using vibratrain. Is there any research about the long term effects?

  6. Hi Mari,
    Sorry – I can’t answer your question. I have no scientific knowledge of the machines, I was simply a user! I actually don’t go to Vibratrain any more as I am trying to get pregnant and I suspect it wouldn’t be so good for a growing foetus!

    There is a forum on the vibratrain website though – you can ask questions there.

  7. Mari..

    Yes long term studies have been done on Vibration Exposure , they are called ISO 2631 ( 60yrs+ studies ) , and these rules are used to guide us in the use of the machines . Vibra-Train was the first company to incorperate ISO regulations into its programs with overseas companies now following.

    Note: Vibration units have now been given full MDD certification in Europe on machines that have more extreme settings than the ones used at Vibra-Train.

    As for your heart palpitations , the only way this form of training may do that is through the adrenalin rush caused by going through fatigue. But it should stop as your body adjusts to pushing itself that hard.

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